Avant Side Table Inverted

Avant Collection

Designer Mark Hirons derives Avant's modern aspect from concepts of openness and expansion-evolving from the embrace of the Lounge Chair to a simple, tailored Sofa and ultimately, to the inviting expanse of a 145-degree Sofa angled to support face-to-face conversation. Defined by a striking angularity, the pieces appear to expand and fan out, creating a subtle dialogue between an array of eye-catching elements. Avant seating is available fully upholstered or with a handsome wood veneer back that accentuates it's crisp profile and sculptural presence-beautiful in any space, from any point of view.

A well-considered collection for the corporate environment, Avant Occasional Tables echo the aesthetic of the seating and include a unique, wood-crafted Cantilever Worktable designed to support mobile technology and informal work. Utterly simple, spare and light, Avant tables act as portals offering intriguing, canted views of the interior spaces they inhabit.

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