Brian Kane

Kane Design Studio

San Francisco

Brian Kane's remarkable career includes a formative year in Milan, Italy,working in the studio of architect Silvio Coppola where he designed furniture for Mobil Italia and Bernini, followed by work for Atelier International (A.I) in New York that included the launch of U.S. production of Cassina, B∓B and Tecno.

In 1977, Kane joined the Metropolitan Furniture Corporation (Metro) where he became V.P. of Design and Product Development, a position he continued to hold when Steelcase acquired Metro. Kane established his own studio in San Francisco in 1989 and has designed and developed products for Metro, Steelcase, Turnstone, Carnegie, Landscapeforms, Bernhardt Furniture Co., Martin/Brattrud Inc, Interprofil Gmb, Falcon, Howe, Halcon, Tuohy, Fixtures, HBF and Coalesse.

Kane's award-winning work has been exhibited at the Whitney Museum in New York and the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco.